I am trying to find out the best way to add additional storage to VDR
1.4.6-1 over time. Could someone on the list give some advise on how best to
config vdr so that I can add additional storage over time as my needs

My current config is as follws /etc/default/vdr is as below;

# /etc/default/vdr
# See also /usr/share/doc/README.Debian

# Change to 1 to enable vdr's init-script

# Change this to 1 if you want vdr to be able to shutdown the
# computer

# Options that will be passed to vdr's commandline
# for example: OPTIONS="-w 15"
OPTIONS="-w 30 -v /var/lib/video.00"

# Set this to load only plugins with the correct patch level

My video directory is at /var/lib/video and is a symlink to
/var/lib/video.00 which is a symlink to a directory on a partition on one of
my mounted partitions. My understanding is that if I add additional storage
to my vdr system and then add a new symlink such as /var/lib/video.01 that
points to this storage vdr will automatically use it when /var/lib/video.00
becomes full. Is that correct?

I have looked for some documentation on how this aspect of vdr should/could
be configured but have not found anything that clearly defines how this
should be best achieved.

Thanks in advance for any input on this :-)
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