Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 06/10/07 17:53, Anssi Hannula wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> - Implemented support for Freetype fonts (based on a patch from Alexander 
>>> Riedel).
>>>   The font names and sizes can be adjusted in the "Setup/OSD" menu.
>>>   Note that VDR now requires freetype fonts to be installed in
>>>   /usr/share/fonts/truetype.
>> In my system there is no /usr/share/fonts/truetype, but the TTF fonts 
>> reside in other subdirectories under /usr/share/fonts.
> Well, it's a real pitty with the various systems putting files
> at random places.
> Can't there be a *standard* for things like this?

Well, I guess the "standard" is to put fonts into /usr/share/fonts.

>> +  strcpy(FontOsd, "arialbd.ttf");
>> +  strcpy(FontSml, "arial.ttf");
>> +  strcpy(FontFix, "courbd.ttf");
>> I'd use some free-as-in-freedom font (Vera?) by default, that are more 
>> likely installed in systems.
> Those were the ones suggested in Alexander Riedel's original patch.
> Which ones would you suggest?

Hard to say, it seems the default in my system is to use the DejaVu 
fonts, but I guess Vera and Luxi are common as well.

>> Alternatively, you could use the fontconfig library [1] for managing 
>> fonts. This would also allow using using the system default fonts via 
>> aliases like 'sans-serif' etc, and using a font list instead of having 
>> to manually write the font filename via OSD.
> You don't have to manually write the font name.
> This is a list of strings that contains all the file names found
> in /usr/share/fonts/truetype (or wherever your system my have these
> files - I guess this will have to become a compile-time switch - <sigh>).
> Just use the Left/Right keys to navigate through it.

Okay, I missed that one when reading the code. Anyway, many of my fonts 
are in different subdirectories by the family name (dejavu/ etc), so 
that would need to handled be as well.

>> You can get a quick idea from looking at the patch which added 
>> fontconfig support for mplayer [2], though of course you should look in 
>> fontconfig documentation instead of copying conventions from mplayer :)
>> [1] http://fontconfig.org/
>> [2] 
>> http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/mplayer-dev-eng/2003-November/022218.html
> I'd like to keep it simple. There's a directory with font file names and these
> will be offered in Setup/OSD.

Anssi Hannula

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