On 06/12/07 17:59, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> I'm considering compiling one font file directly into the program,
>> so that, in case no external fonts can be found, it can at least
>> run properly.
>> Can somebody suggest a freetype font that looks good, covers all
>> necessary locales, and is really free, so that it can be redistributed
>> with the VDR source?
> What about falling back to the bitmap font vdr currently uses? It
> would only be able to display ASCII but that would be sufficient to
> at least start up vdr in english.

That was my first thought, too. But it would mean having an
additional font mechanism that, in almost all cases, would never
be used.

> OTOH you can always puts("install true type fonts"); exit(1) :-)

If I can't compile in a freetype font, that's pretty much what
it's going to be.


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