Hi everyone,

I've got a problem setting up a vdr system.

I installed Debian Etch with a vanilla 2.6.21 kernel and vdr using the
e-tobi packages.
I used the development firmware (f12623) and also tried the firmware from

Apart from the DVB-C FF card there is a WinTV PCI analogue TV-Card in that I
want to use to record analogue TV channels that are not broadcasted in

The system works so far, however the analogue sound output of the card
doesn't work and I have ne idea why. I hope someone who uses the same card
can help me out on that.

My second problem is getting the analogue card to work. I installed the
analogue-tv plugin and using scantv I can find some channels, however if I
set up the channels.conf vdr doesn't add the channels to its list (i stopped
vdr before editing the channels.conf)
Whe can help me out on that ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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