does vdr (especially version 1.4.7 as I am using this right now) tell 
the shutdownscript in any way what caused the shutdown-request (pressing 
the poweroff button on fb or the idle timer)?

I am asking this cause I switched from 24/7 to nvram-wakeup and it (in 
the form it is implemented today) failed the waf-test.
My wife (and somehow me too) does not like the behaviour of VDR that 
there is no way to choose a timeperiod where the idletimer is inactive.
Let's say you like the comfort of 24/7 but nevertheless want to save 
some energy. Normally vdr is not used between 0:00 and 8:00, so it could 
be off at these times (but only if no recordings are to be done).
During 8:01 - 23:59 we don't want vdr to idle-shutdown (but manual 
shutdowns should still work).

For this it would be nice to have
a) a direct vdr feature (like no idletimer from x to y (and maybe more 
than one range)) or
b) a way to distinguish between manual shutdown and idletimer shutdown 
in the shutdownscript.

Today we can choose between
a) a long idletimeout (but that also leads to long unused uptimes in the 
middle of the night after a recording)
b) short idletimeout (which is annoying cause you always have to tell 
vdr to keep alive)
c) a shutdown-hook that disables shutdowns from 8-24 (which a) still 
can't stop the annoying message to appear on screen and b) will stop 
manual shutdowns from working too)

So somehow I see a missing feature here ;)

Many thanks for your answers,

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