JJussi wrote:
> Hi!
> This question is directed more to Finnish DBV/VDR gurus...
> I have problem with YLE recordings.  When watching "live" proadcast, sound is 
> just right but when watch same program as recoded, sound is breaking, picture 
> is fine, but sound have short gaps.. Like when there is not enougth CPU power 
> to decode it.
> IF I play that file directly with xine sound is fine.. No problem.
> During watching, when sound start breaking, if I "jump" few second backward 
> sound is fine for a while, but then start breaking again.
> So this problem is only with YLE recordings, other channels are fine always.
> I have tried to change almost everyhting at xineliboutput and replay 
> settings, 
> nothing helps.  This is not version related (atleast not vdr version).

Do you use identical configurations for xine-ui and xineliboutput? I 
mean the ones in your ~/.xine directory. What are those like?

Do you use vdr-sxfe, vdr-fbfe or local frontend with xineliboutput? Have 
you tried other frontends like VLC or mplayer?

Have you tried increasing the output of vdr-sxfe (or your frontend of 

What versions of xine-lib and xineliboutput are you using?

How do you start the frontend, VDR and other players you have tested? Do 
you for example always use the same audio driver?

Please try to gather all the necessary information... that way it is 
easier for others to help you.


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