On 7/22/07, JJussi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Have you tried increasing the output of vdr-sxfe (or your frontend of
> > choice)?
> Mixer settings or frontends volume settings don't make any difference.. EVEN
> it sounds like (the sound/gaps) it's "overdriving" the sound. Is audio
> compressed or not, no different.
> > How do you start the frontend, VDR and other players you have tested? Do
> > you for example always use the same audio driver?

With output I meant verbose debugging information... ;)

> Command what  I use to start frontend..  There is no different on sound even I
> use --audio= parameter
>  /usr/bin/vdr-sxfe  --lirc=/dev/lircd --fullscreen --video=xv  --syslog 
> --aspect=16:9 --rtp
> xvdr://localhost

Could you try without the "---rtp" option, so that it would use local
pipe instead? And perhaps try the other transport options too ("--tcp"
and "--udp"). And add "--verbose" to the command to get more detailed


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