On 08/12/07 19:47, Patrick Cernko wrote:
> Hi list, hi Klaus,
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> The changes since version 1.5.6:
>> - All logging now goes to LOG_ERR, because some systems split error, info and
>>   debug messages into separate files, which repeatedly caused extra efforts 
>> to
>>   find out when incomplete log excerpts were attached to problem reports in
>>   the past.
> should this change be permanent, configurable or will it only apply for
> the developer releases?
> In my opinion, it is a benefit to redirect different log levels to
> different files for normal operation. In case of a bug, a
> commandline/setup option could select this behaviour to produce full logs.

Ever so often I received error reports with log excerpts attached,
and only after lengthy discussions it turned out that the log wasn't
complete. Important information was written to other files, that
were not attached to the message. That's why I decided to write all
log messages into one place.

You can still control how much to log via the -l option.


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