On 8/19/07, Anssi Hannula <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> However, almost exactly the opposite is the case with PLUGINLIBDIR,
> which by default is ./PLUGINS/lib so that it works inside the
> source-tree, but it is not so good if installed into /usr/local.

I've already seen this problem for people who install vdr.  People
seem to expect that vdr is installed to /usr/local/bin while plugins
go to /usr/local/bin/PLUGINS/lib.  The current Makefile puts:

vdr to $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR), plugins to $(DESTDIR)$(PLUGINLIBDIR), with
DESTDIR empty by default.

ok..  so vdr goes in /usr/local/bin, as expected.. but plugins go in
./PLUGINS/lib..  Again, the most common expected behavior that I see
from users is that vdr be installed to $(BINDIR) and plugins installed
to $(BINDIR)/$(PLUGINLIBDIR).  vdr in /usr/local/bin, plugins in

Also, when cleaning plugins, shouldn't ALL copies be cleaned?  Why
would you clean plugins binaries from ./PLUGINS/lib but not from your
install path is as well?  In the previous example,
/usr/local/bin/PLUGINS/lib..  It seems fitting & expected to: @-rm -f

Just my observations...

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