>is the order. HDMI is digital und should those provide best quality (equals to 

My list is a bit other way round, as beauty of the picture is in viewers eye.


Don't get me wrong, as already years ago I have played with HDTV stuff, and 
naturally with DVI-based to my projector. Problem is that DVB-C / DVB-T is so 
bad quality signal (in Finland at least), lots of blocking artefacts so it 
looks very lousy. By using DVI (and probable upscaling to 720p/1080i) picture 
gets to sh*t. So I abandoned the idea 2 years ago. (VDR-Xine with DVB-C & DVB-S 
when Euro1080i/HD1 was open for all).

So best non-HD output would be S-Video (and composite) which hides the blocking 
and picture errors, and gives stutter free output of the program. RGB starts to 
show more MPEG features. With Component/VGA/HDMI you probably need to use 
computer-based output, and I haven't seen stutter free output.

With this I mean X server config, you cannot get exactly 50Hz output, but you 
can get 50.04Hz output. That might lead to micro stutter on picture.

But the list I quoted is the best order in terms of video connection quality, 
but not the best picture quality for viewer.. :-O

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