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> On 8/21/07, Nicolas Huillard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > There are lots of EPIA mobos (Mini-ITX for factor) with fanless CPUs
> > around. With these, you get only one PCI slot, but everything is
> > integrated on the motherboard.
> > Using a good laptop-like power block (efficient and fanless), you can
> > have a really silent setup (one slow fan for the whole system).
> >
> At least 2 PCI slots is a must. I want 2 x DVB-S, 1 x DVB-T, 1 x
> Analog TV. I plan to do this with 1 all in one card and a single
> Skystar2 for the second DVB-S tuner.

You can use two PCI cards with VIA mobos by using a PCI riser with two
slots. I had such a solution with two DVB-C cards.

But if you want crunch and muscle, VIA is definitely not the way to
go. For Intel side I can share you the information that E4*-series is
better in the way that they allow you to use multiplier 6, which
results with standard fsb to 1200MHz when idling. For example E6300
will idle at 1600 MHz. But you should also take care when choosing the
motherboard, because undervolting is the most efficient way to reduce
heat and some mobos (namely all Asrocks) do not allow undervolting.


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