I demand that Jan Exner may or may not have written...

> I have a problem with my VDR setup (c't VDR 6): I currently use a DVB-S TT
> 2.3 card as output device (no dish/LNB attached) and a DVB-T Nova-T as
> input device for UK freeview channels. That works just fine.

> Now I want to add a second Nova-T so I can record and watch something else
> at the same time.

> But as soon as the second DVB-T card is inside the machine, I cannot
> record anything anymore.

Strange... I've not noticed any problems with three devices on the occasions
when I've started VDR with all three present; OTOH, they're all DVB-T, though
one's connected via USB.

> I think there's two problems:
> 1. I am trying to use the antenna out on one Nova-T to pass the signal
>    through to the second.

Ignore the outputs. You should connect both inputs to an amplifier; tune to
and monitor one of the QAM64 muxes to check that the wiring is good.

(It's possible that you may be able to get away with a splitter, but you'd
need to be close to the transmitter or have a good aerial.)

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