Segers,Jan J.K.T. wrote:
> thanks! i just re-read the instructions on your website but i still
> dont get how to use the EXT format... whats the content of the
> something like "vlc -vvv
> mms://" ?

Our README says that "The external script is responsible for supplying
IPTV plugin with MPEG2 TS data in UDP/RTP format to the listening port."

So the external script must use VLC to:

1) Receive the stream

2) Transcode it to format understood by vdr (for example mpeg2 ts)

3) Feed the data to the port which iptv plugin is listening

To achieve these tasks you could use for example this script:


exec vlc "mms://" --sout
--intf dummy

Store it to iptv plugin configuration directory with name
and give it execute permissions.

Here's the corresponding channels.conf entry:

Hope this helps. =)
If you need further assistance, please contact me privately.

Antti Seppälä

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