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> I decided to give Bahn TV a try and could also reproduce symptoms of
> missing audio.
> It seems that the transcoding engine of vlc gets confused by the audio
> bitrate setting iptv plugin uses by default. So far I haven't found
> other channels than Bahn TV that are affected by this.
> Try lowering the value of ABITRATE found in from 320 to
> e.g. 192. After such a modification the stream worked fine for me.


this does not seem to help.

I have three test channels now, all of which give the video:

- The Albanian Rrokum TV - which gives also audio.
- Bahn TV - only video.  Even with ab=192
- BBC One premier (via  Only video

My xine has w32 (from xine's output:
load_plugins: plugin 
/usr/local/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.9/ found

The script sets VPID=parameter+1, APID=parameter+2, SPID=parameter+3
(I wonder why, since if you want to receive simultaneously two 
consecutive parameter things, they overlap anyway).

When looking at the stream info, they show PIDs like 3,4,66.  4,5,66.
I wonder what this 66 is and why...


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