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>> Yes, they are smooth for a brief moment, and then get jagged.
> I recall this behavior when I had a FF card for testing. Maybe it's a
> feature to stop flickering one pixel high horizontal lines in still
> images by doubling one field of the frame. Maybe there exists a switch
> to turn this feature off.

To prove the above mentioned behavior, please try this synthetic file:


Actually, it should display like here:

But if the above is true, you'll get some heavy flicker on TV and then
it will split the screen into a top and bottom half where one half will
be white and the other one black. This will happen when the FF card
decides to display just a single field of the frame.

> You've tried to repeat an I frame forever. Try to remove the sequence
> end code (00 00 01 B7) from the end of the file before mplexing and the
> MPEG program end code (00 00 01 B9) from the file after mplexing. Maybe
> remove everything up to the first video PES packet from the final file.

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