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>> I recall this behavior when I had a FF card for testing. Maybe it's a
>> feature to stop flickering one pixel high horizontal lines in still
>> images by doubling one field of the frame. Maybe there exists a switch
>> to turn this feature off.
>> You've tried to repeat an I frame forever. Try to remove the sequence
>> end code (00 00 01 B7) from the end of the file before mplexing and the
>> MPEG program end code (00 00 01 B9) from the file after mplexing. Maybe
>> remove everything up to the first video PES packet from the final file.
> I have no idea what you guys are talking about but have you looked at
> mencoder and mplayer's filters?
> Or transcode?

Or maybe vdr-image plugin. Supports both StillFrame and PlayPes mode.

> There are quite a few filters and smoothing algorithms that you might
> like to make use of to remove the jagged effect or other artifacts.
> The bmovl filter might be helpful here.
> Or is it some bug in MPEG or DVB implementation?

It seems to be a software/hardware issue. It seems that the FF card
displays only a single field of the frame twice (to avoid flickering one
pixel horizontal lines on TV) short time after not further data arrives
(typical for still frames). And displaying just a single field removes
halve of the information to display.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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