On Nov 19, 2007 2:40 AM, Jan Exner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Why would you bother when you can buy something way better & faster
> > for cheap these days?
> Why would you bother updating when it works just fine? And even the
> cheapest system I could buy today is still more expensive than keeping
> what I have now.

Well obviously when your ancient pc can't handle new things such as
h264 decoding and HDTV, and no manufacturer is willing to waste their
money making a hardware decoder card, I would say it's not working
just fine as you claim.  Sorry, a small handful of people using
ancient pc's for dvb is not even vaguely enough for manufacturers to
create h264 hardware decoder cards.  And even if they did actually
bring one to market, meaning you can BUY it and not just look at it on
a website, the cost would be too much.

If there's such a market for hardware decoding, where are all the
cards?  How come manufacturers aren't jumping at the chance to capture
the profits from people like you with old slow pc's in need of such

I'm sure somebody somewhere still drives a Ford Model-T car, 'because
it still works'.

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