Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
I don't want to lose the ability to record 3 DVB-S transponders
in parallel, and I also need the DVB-T card.

Have you ever thought about a USB solution? I also would prefer PCI, but I also could not believe that a lot of boards have just 3 PCI slots - no way using a separate sound card instead of on-board-sound or a PCI-WLAN device (which is also supported better than the USB ones) if you want 3 tuners without using a dual-tuner card.
And speaking of those HIFI-like cases: Most solutions I have seen just support one PCI card using a riser card, so here USB is also the only way to get more than two tuners into such a PC. I know that USB devices use a little bit more CPU power, but in my tests one or two years ago, it has not been too much (on Windows e.g. just around 5-10% more CPU usage with a DVB-T-Stick compared to a DVB-T-PCI card; on today´s systems, it might be even less). I can´t say if there are more disadvantages using a USB solution instead of a PCI card (apart from missing drivers etc.).
There is e.g. a USB-DVB-S-Box by Terratec, and if I remember right, the Pinnacle USB-DVB-S2 box (which is a Technotrend production) is already supported on linux.

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