>> But there are more people like Klaus who are quite happy with hardware
>> decoding, and I am grateful he works the way he does.
> Hear, hear...
> Thankfully no need for totally bloated X-stuff or framebuffers or such..
> Just plain minimal text/consolebased system.
> VDR _is_ just a Set-Top-Box

I too like the hardware based solution over one using software only, at
least it was always easier to install and maintain ....

It turns out that I have to upgrade my VDR System now as my FF DVB Card
has a burned video-out (too much red) and the
plain-homebrew-1:1-j2-scart-adapter do no longer work with my new LCD-TV:

Not really good pictures, but notice the black pixel-errors ....

The question is now, what do do next:
a) Buy the AVBoard and hope that its circuits allow better pictures
again (~60 €)
b) Upgrade the VDR System to DVB-S2 (~500€ at least for Motherboard,
CPU, Memory, DVB-S2 with CI and a graphic-card with DVI/HDMI)
c) Buy a Kathrein UFS-910 (~350€ with CAM) The next firmware should
allow recording to external USB HDD too.

As it is currently it seems setting up a VDR System for DVB-S2 is not
that easy as it was with a DVB-S FF system.
Yesterday I tried to use xineliboutput (SD, not HD for sure) to
workaround my bad picture problem, but the plain xine is to slow on my
old VIA EPIA (cle266) system and I really think compiling the enhanced
VIA version will become a pain ... not even sure if any of the xine
plugins are compatible to it.

Well, I am definitely unsure ... thus whining here, sorry. I wanted to
fell this decision not before approx 6 month .... Thus, a seems odd as
it is a lot of money too ... and I can't reuse it then.

Any suggestions what to do now?

BTW: Congrats to Klaus! Great work! VDR was/IS always a pleasure. What
about porting VDR to the Kathrein :-)


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