I have two sat cables coming into the lounge, both with the same sats.

In the wall conduit are three more sat cables going to the neighbours
below (we live in an apartment) and there is no way of adding more
cables into the conduits.

We have a dreambox which works quite well in the lounge and a VDR server
with two SkyStar's.

Is there any merit in tweaking streamdev to connect to the dreambox and
request a stream from it when it can't get it off it's own sat card?

I would like to use the dreambox when it's not needed by VDR, but
otherwise slave it to VDR.  It handles my Disecq better than VDR and is
faster when using my subscription card.

I think a way to do it is to create a quick way of reading a dreambox
services file and understanding it like a VDR channels.list and then
request the stream (via HTTP) from the dreambox in much the same way as
one VDR server does to another.

In practical terms, a dreambox would need to receive two http requests,
the first would change the channel, the second would request the stream.

A typical request from something like vlc to the dreambox would be:,0105,0205,0285,0299,1ffe

I'm not that familiar with C but I can hack most languages reasonably if
someone can point me in the right direction.

I don't think it would take a lot to get this going, but who knows.

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