Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Rob Davis wrote:
>> A typical request from something like vlc to the dreambox would be:
> If the channel pids are quite static, you could use the IPTV plugin 
> simply with the following channels.conf entry:
> Dreambox;IPTV:1:IPTV|HTTP|,0105,0205,0299,1ffe|31339:P:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0
> Or you could parse the necessary pids via a shell script and use the 
> plugins's EXT protocol with vlc/netcat/... to achieve the same.

Thanks Rolf,

I have given this a go in Gentoo and it had 0.3 of vdr-iptv,
unfortuntely it didn't seem to display anything on the dreambox,
although it did activate the stream.ts command, so something was going on.

In the end I used


Which I had to create using the plugin menu, but that didn't display
anything. Although mplayer displays the current
channel quite happily.

I also noticed the VDR patch appears to break vompserver, so I only get
about 8 channels displayed, which is a bigger issue to me as I have
three hauppauge mvp's around the house to watch tv.

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