On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Rob Davis wrote:

> I have given this a go in Gentoo and it had 0.3 of vdr-iptv,
> unfortuntely it didn't seem to display anything on the dreambox,
> although it did activate the stream.ts command, so something was going on.
> DREAM;IPTV:4:IPTV|HTTP||31344:P:0:0:0:0:0:1:0:0:0

Did you enable the Sid scanner in plugin's setup and is your vdr 
configured to update pids? (I was using zero pids as an example only).

After that you should have "changing pids" messages in vdr's log. 
However, if those messages are missing, the plugin and vdr cannot parse 
necessary information from Dreambox's TS stream and you should add used 
video and audio (and other) pids into the channels.conf entry.

> I also noticed the VDR patch appears to break vompserver, so I only get
> about 8 channels displayed, which is a bigger issue to me as I have
> three hauppauge mvp's around the house to watch tv.

The patch doesn't change any current interfaces - it just adds a few new 
methods, so it shouldn't break compatibility with any plugin.

You could also try Udo's streamplayer plugin.


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