I reworked my ancient vdr system and build a new hardware around
my DVB-S card (after a long time of not-usage).

I want to use my server using a diskless architecture to run

Idea, which dritribution for vdr to choose ?

I intend to have a Debian/Ubuntu system for the vdr system,
the distri should be easy updateable, but up-to-date current.

I do not want to do manual updates in the form (get source, build,
test, install, get plugins, etc.) the building / testing / installing from
pure source is nice, makes fun, but I do not have the time for doing
that this way.

So, which remote boot capaple distri do you use ?
Which is best to choose ?


Jürgen Sauer
        automatiX Linux  Support Crew

PS: due heavy personal work load I interrupted my vdr usage a year ago
Jürgen Sauer

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