Davide Cavalca wrote:
> Davide Cavalca ha scritto:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I've recorded some shows (with subtitles) with vdr 1.5.10, I wanted to
>> demux the recordings with projectx but it looks like it has some
>> problems coping with the new subtitles; the error is "suppic unknown
>> cmd: 44"
> Just tried with the last ProjectX CVS and the problem is still there, 
> it's also mentioned at
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=69771&page=2 (scroll 
> to half the page for another log)

Has there been any progress regarding this issue? It looks like ProjectX 
  will fail in case there are subtitles in a VDR recording made with 
version 1.5.10 or later, because ProjectX does not recognize them being 
subtitles and will eventually get stuck to an unending loop. What might 
be the major difference between the old subtitles plugin's way of saving 
subtitles and the way they are saved now?


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