On 02/12/08 02:43, Petri Helin wrote:
> Davide Cavalca wrote:
>> Il giorno dom, 10/02/2008 alle 18.32 +0100, Stefan Wagner ha scritto: 
>>>>> ProjectX 0.90.4.b22 works with vdr 1.5.x recordings.
>>>> Just tried the last cvs, it still fails to process subtitles, getting
>>>> stuck in a loop with message "suppic unknown cmd: 44" as the previous
>>>> version I tested.
>>> i have only test with dvb-subtitles from german broadcast station zdf
>> My recordings are from BBC Prime.
>>> its possible, the patch is only for zdf:
>>> http://forum.dvbtechnics.info/showthread.php?t=4920 (sorry in german)
>> I read the log posted there, it fails with "suppic unknown cmd: 208",
>> while mine is 44; probably the patch implements only "command 208"...
> I noticed that Project-X is able to handle only subtitles within subID 
> 0x20. I have a recording with subtitles with subIDs 0x20 and 0x21 and 
> demuxing fails with "command 248". If I restrict Project-X to subID 
> 0x20, I am able to demux that recording too. Unfortunately this means 
> that the second subtitle stream cannot be demuxed. Is this related to 
> the TODO Klaus has marked for 0x21 in dvbsubtitle.c?

I think this is totally unrelated.

The 0x21 in dvbsubtitle.c is about how the bitmap data is encoded,
while the 0x21 you mean is handled in cDevice::PlayPesPacket():

               uchar SubStreamId = Data[PayloadOffset]; <<< here's your 0x21
               uchar SubStreamType = SubStreamId & 0xF0;
               uchar SubStreamIndex = SubStreamId & 0x1F;
               switch (SubStreamType) {
                 case 0x20: // SPU
                 case 0x30: // SPU
                      SetAvailableTrack(ttSubtitle, SubStreamIndex, 
                      if ((!VideoOnly || HasIBPTrickSpeed()) && 
currentSubtitleTrack !
                         w = PlaySubtitle(Start, d);


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