Manu Abraham schrieb:

>>> The patched version doesn't look at the device capability flags, before 
>>> issuing a tune ?
>>> Or is something else wrong/missing ?
>> I must admit, I didn't have a look at the source code so far, but
>> from what I recall, I don't think that it is that easy. I think,
>> a simple check will only make VDR tell you that the channel in
>> question cannot be received.
>> I've experienced myself that VDR used the DVB-S2 card for a DVB-S
>> recording and then endlessly tried to switch to a DVB-S2 channel
>> using the DVB-S card -- obviously without success.
> How can you ask a DVB-S device to tune to DVB-S2 ? Poor demodulator,
> it has to do what it is not even capable of. :)
>> VDR's device selection logic is already quite complex. It has to
>> deal with FF cards which have so far been used to watch the DVB-S
>> channels, cards which provide CI interfaces and simple receiver
>> cards. Moreover it now would have to deal with cards capable of
>> doing DVB-S2, with or without CI interface respectively.
> The logic wouldn't be much different. It is the same as requesting a DVB-C 
> device to be tuned to DVB-S. The CI interface doesn't make the hardware
> look any different. 
>> As I'm only distributing the DVB-S2 part which Marco Schlüßler
>> provided several months ago, I've contacted him and asked him for
>> an update.
> Ok, I will ask Marco on the relevant. Thanks for the feedback.

Well, I was in contact with Marco already and attached you'll
find a minimalistic change which reports "channel not available".
Now VDR should already be able to kick a low priority DVB-S
recording (or transfer thread) from a DVB-S2 device.

Still missing is to prefer DVB-S devices for DVB-S recordings so
that DVB-S2 devices remain available for DVB-S2 recordings of
same priority.

The patch is incremental to the original dvbs2 patch from
yesterday, i. e. you can simply apply it to your already patched VDR.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl
--- ../vdr-1.5.12-dvbs2-other/dvbdevice.c	2008-01-01 22:55:18.000000000 +0100
+++ dvbdevice.c	2008-01-02 22:25:49.000000000 +0100
@@ -798,7 +798,13 @@ bool cDvbDevice::ProvidesSource(int Sour
 bool cDvbDevice::ProvidesTransponder(const cChannel *Channel) const
-  return ProvidesSource(Channel->Source()) && (!cSource::IsSat(Channel->Source()) || !Setup.DiSEqC || Diseqcs.Get(Channel->Source(), Channel->Frequency(), Channel->Polarization()));
+  if (!ProvidesSource(Channel->Source()))
+     return false; // doesn't provide source
+  if (!cSource::IsSat(Channel->Source()))
+     return true; // source is sufficient
+  if (Channel->ModulationSystem() && !(frontendType & DVBFE_DELSYS_DVBS2))
+     return false; // requires DVB-S2, but device doesn't provide it
+  return !Setup.DiSEqC || Diseqcs.Get(Channel->Source(), Channel->Frequency(), Channel->Polarization());
 bool cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers) const
@@ -807,7 +813,7 @@ bool cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel(const c
   bool hasPriority = Priority < 0 || Priority > this->Priority();
   bool needsDetachReceivers = false;
-  if (ProvidesSource(Channel->Source())) {
+  if (ProvidesTransponder(Channel)) {
      result = hasPriority;
      if (Priority >= 0 && Receiving(true)) {
         if (dvbTuner->IsTunedTo(Channel)) {
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