Hello Rolf,

do you speak german?

> On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Sebastian Dellit wrote:
>> is there a possibility to contact the femon-plugin developer? I want
>> to give any feature request for make the femon plugin accessible for
>> braille users.

> The necessary contact information can be found in plugin's source 
> package.

You means in the README file? All right. I have only visit the homepage of the 
There are no contact information. :-(

> A few years ago I had an idea to provide audible tone that varies 
> according to current signal level. Unfortunately, I encountered some
> problems while implementing it and the feature never saw the daylight:

The idea sounds good.

> - I couldn't get the live tv video and signal tone work at the same
>    time, when using budget cards and full featured card as tv out.
> - DVB drivers signal strength and signal-to-noise values works correctly
>    only for a few cards. There're plenty of cards that provides inverted
>    or zero strengt values.

> However, I implemented several SVDRP commands into the plugin and those
> commands can be used to provide the above mentioned functionality via
> an external application in a similar manner as in 'femonspeak'. [1]

Femonspeak soundss also good. I will look on this.

> If you'll have a neat idea about new features, just drop me an email.

I hope my idea is simple. many Any users use a braille display and
speech to access the vdr. Is it possible to create a femon skin which
show the information in plain text on the OSD? E. g. the developer of
the lastfm-plugin has include a function. You can change between
graphic and text display. If you select the text version all
informations (title, track etc.) can read with an braille display. The
plugin also use a function to select the refresh rate of the display.
If you select "0" you can always refresh the display manual. The
femon plugin IMHO needs a simular function.

What do you means? It is possible?
Best regards Sebastian 
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