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on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 1:14:15 AM Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Sebastian Dellit wrote:
>> I hope my idea is simple. many Any users use a braille display and
>> speech to access the vdr. Is it possible to create a femon skin which
>> show the information in plain text on the OSD? E. g. the developer of
>> the lastfm-plugin has include a function. You can change between
>> graphic and text display. If you select the text version all
>> informations (title, track etc.) can read with an braille display. The
>> plugin also use a function to select the refresh rate of the display.
>> If you select "0" you can always refresh the display manual. The
>> femon plugin IMHO needs a simular function.

> I'm not familiar with Braille displays, so how does it detect text in
> order to translate it to speech? Femon is drawing text with the same OSD
> methods as the core VDR, so if you can hear VDR's menus, you should be
> able to hear the femon menus also. The default refresh rate is quite
> high, but you can tweak it in plugin's setup menu. So the only problem
> might be the massive amount of infomation shown on current 
> configuration.

I have test the femon again.

I'm sorry but I can't read any kind of information. The screen is

> If I understood you correctly, you'd like to get only essential 
> signal/stream information on a simple menu that can be refreshed on 
> demand? Now the real question is, what kind of information is essential
> for you?

What kind of information is available?
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