Many thankz once again Reinhard Nissl, yes it keeps vdr from removing the 1,
but it kills the video on h.264 channels .. :/~
I get a picture but no motion and normally a green line across the tv.

In looking thru messages I see see stuff like this

ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivateSPS(): id out of range
ERROR: H264::cContext::DefineSPS(): id out of range
ERROR: H264::cBitReader::ReadBits(): bitbuffer overflow
ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivateSPS(): requested SPS is undefined
ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivatePPS(): requested PPS is undefined
ERROR: H264::cBitReader::NextByte(): premature end of data

ERROR: cAudGenerator::Generate(): dropping frame without slices

Changing channels back to a sd 1 can be tricky but that could be cause it's
trying to recover from a freakout, lol.


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ShorTie schrieb:

> Been playing with this genpix, hd and xine. Pretty much got everything
> running except for 1 thing seems to be hiding from me.
> For vdr to be able to tune to a hd channel I need to add 10000 to the
> vpid’s which I do in my nscan/convert/pad10 no biggie.
> The problem is that when I tune away from a hd channel vdr rights back
> to the channels.conf with the normal vpid not the vpid+10000 like I had.
> Thus I can’t tune back to that channel till i manually change the
> channels.conf back again.
> I’m I missing a setting somewhere?

No -- looks like your service provider announces the stream as
MPEG2. Please ask your service provider to fix this issue.

Try the attached patch as workaround meanwhile. It doesn't change
vpid anymore to MPEG2 once you've changed it to H.264 manually.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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