I guess that's caused by an offset defined in the patch:


#define VPID_OFFSET_BASE         10000

I don't know what it does or is meant to do, but I also have wrong pids 
in my channels.conf

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ShorTie schrieb:
> Been playing with this genpix, hd and xine. Pretty much got everything 
> running except for 1 thing seems to be hiding from me.
> For vdr to be able to tune to a hd channel I need to add 10000 to the 
> vpid’s which I do in my nscan/convert/pad10 no biggie.
> The problem is that when I tune away from a hd channel vdr rights back 
> to the channels.conf with the normal vpid not the vpid+10000 like I had.
> Thus I can’t tune back to that channel till i manually change the 
> channels.conf back again.
> I’m I missing a setting somewhere?

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