I pulled the dvb drivers with mercurial made and installed. Nothing has

Fire up vdr-xine which tunes to BBC 1 (horizintal polarization)

vdr-xine: Client connected!
[vaAVM]buffered 35,1 frames (v:39,0, a:35,1)
frame: (0, 0)-(720, 576), zoom: (1,00, 1,00)

Picture and sound perfect (yesterday there was a thunderstorm which
blocked Eurobird from view...)

ZAP to ITV 1 (vertical polarization)

SetPlayMode: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
SetPlayMode: 1
[vSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
aAVMClear(0)jeu jan 17 10:25:01 CET 2008 reloading DVB driver

Screen goes black and xine stops responding, needs to be killed.

Not advancing very fast and running out of ideas...



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