Simon Baxter schrieb:

> Off topic, but are you saying you run vdr-xine or xineliboutput under X with 
> the MII-6000E motherboard??  What other plugins do you run?

femon, epgsearch, radio

> I bought an SP-13000G, but it runs too hot running X so I had to use an FF 
> card.  Also I can't use the mplayer plugin, as the CPU transcoding makes it 
> run too hot too.

Hmm, was running the mplayer plugin for testing xineplayer but
didn't play anything else than MPEG2, though.

CPU temperature doesn't look to cause a problem here, but after 3
Years, the DC-ATX power converter died, as it was operated
without fan. The new power converter seems to cut off power when
getting too hot, so I've added a fan now.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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