Le jeudi 17 janvier 2008 à 19:40 +0100, Reinhard Nissl a écrit :

> > 100% CPU but it changes channels.
> Maybe -V xv relaxes CPU load a bit.

Yes but sound eventually cuts out.

> Well, on my openSUSE 10.3 I cannot use xxmc anymore with my
> GF6600 as it dead locks for the same reason. openSUSE 10.3 uses
> an libxcb based libX11 and there is a race condition bug in
> libxcb which causes the emulated libX11 function XLockDisplay to
> deadlock when an application uses multiple threads.

Are these the buffer overflows in the log?

> There exists already a fixed version of libxcb but it is not
> available for a stock openSUSE 10.3. On the other hand, my EPIA
> MII-6000E runs openSUSE 10.3 too, using the binary openchrome
> driver package provided at openchrome.org and hasn't deadlocked
> so far though using xxmc.

OK I'll warn Xavier then.




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