I have been using xine-1.2 from the Mercurial distribution, but it
still creates a plugin directory called 1.1.9 and sometimes 1.1.90.

I just can't get it to work!

Here's the steps I have taken: -

Running on Ubuntu 7.10 x86_64.
Downloaded xine-lib-1.2 from hg
Patched with xine.patch from google code site
Fixed the Makefile.am problem
Patched with additional patch posted from Per in this mailing list
Patched with all additional patches that are in the Genpix thread on DVBN
Ran configure (./configure --disable-dxr3) && make && make install
Downloaded the CoreAVC unpacked file from rapidshare
Put it in /usr/lib/win32 as (CoreAVCDecoder.ax)
Remove /usr/local/lib/plugins/1.1.9/xineplug_decode_ff.so [THERE IS NO
Remove /usr/local/lib/plugins/1.1.90/xineplug_decode_ff.so [THERE IS
NO /usr/local/lib//1.1.90/xineplug_decode_qt.so]
Patched xinelibout (this doesn't work and causes a segfault on VDR startup)
Tried vdr-xine - this shows a black screen with audio but no video -
message says it can't find a plugin to handle the video.

So it seems that it just doesn't load the DLL. Am I missing any other
dependencies, do you need wine or anything else?

Thanks for your help and hopefully the above can lead to a howto, and
perhaps someone can upload somewhere a patched and working xine-lib as
well as a patched and working xinelibout?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

2008/1/21 Igor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I'll try 1.2,
> may be it's the best case :)
> @Reinhard
> is there any difference between xine-lib 1.2 branch and 1.1 branch for our 
> case ?
> Igor
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