Morfsta skrev:
> I have been using xine-1.2 from the Mercurial distribution, but it
> still creates a plugin directory called 1.1.9 and sometimes 1.1.90.

Evereything except that you use Mercurial looks like my setup. I started of 
the xine-lib I had on my machine, which was originally taken from Reinhards 
xine-site. ( )

> So it seems that it just doesn't load the DLL. Am I missing any other
> dependencies, do you need wine or anything else?

You don't need wine. The thing I did to see if the .ax is loaded is

[EMAIL PROTECTED] plugins]# lsof | grep Core
xine       4548      root  mem       REG        8,2  1031168    1999941 

I can see it gets opened whenever I switch to a H.264 channel.

> Thanks for your help and hopefully the above can lead to a howto, and
> perhaps someone can upload somewhere a patched and working xine-lib as
> well as a patched and working xinelibout?

My xine-lib:

This is in Swedish but please have a look at


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