Tony Grant schrieb:

>> There exists already a fixed version of libxcb but it is not
>> available for a stock openSUSE 10.3. On the other hand, my EPIA
>> MII-6000E runs openSUSE 10.3 too, using the binary openchrome
>> driver package provided at openchrome.org and hasn't deadlocked
>> so far though using xxmc.
> What did the opensuse people change? Is is an rpm we can rebuild against
> FC8?

If you follow the links on openchrome.org, you'll come to this
site, where you can find the binary packages for openSUSE 10.3:


> I have had some success with live TV and xine dvb interface. As soon as
> I try vdr and your pluggin it stops working.

Try attaching gdb to the deadlocked process and provide stack
traces for all threads. To get reasonable results you'll have to
install debuginfo packages for your distribution.

The command will look like that:

        gdb /path/to/xine `pidof xine`

Check the output for missing debug symbols. Type "quit" to leave
gdb, install further debuginfo packages and repeat this procedure
until you have most symbols loaded.

Then use this command to create backtraces for all threads:

        thread apply all bt

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