On 02/03/08 20:30, Markku Virtanen wrote:
> Hello Klaus!
> No.
> As it has been pointed out generally speaking "texting support" is not 
> complete and if new version is released now, it never will.

By "texting support" I assume you mean teletext subtitles.
Well, they won't be implemented before DVB-S2/H.264 anyway.
So it doesn't really make much difference whether there is
a version 1.6.0 now ;-).

> The problem
> here is that functionality additions are not finished, only partially
> and adding new stuff is started simultaneously.

Most of the time working on VDR is fun - as long as I can work in areas
that I am interested in. As much as I try to attend to things others
need (like subtitles in general, for instance - a thing I personally have
absolutely no use for), there is this slight tendency to prefer working
in areas that I find more fascinating at the time. Right now, after
building a new VDR for DVB-S2 and putting one of these HDe cards into it,
I'm quite eager to see what this HDTV everybody is hyping about is really
like ;-)

> Only reason for me to switch over from pathced 1.4 would be that
> VDR supports complete subtitles and teletext.

A stable version 1.6.0 would in no way force you to actually use it.
Apparently you have a solution that currently works for you, so, by
all means, keep on using it.

> When you set up a new stable version out what are you going to manifest 
> there? Version 1.6.0: "texting support" yes / no? Partially yes / 
> partially no? Take your poll... :)

I guess it will say "Support for DVB subtitles".

> The work you do with VDR is absolutely great but need for closure like
> "texting support" has been there for years and VDR still is not going to 
> support it properly not even 1.6.0 out of the box? Patch and patch again?

I wonder what comments I'd get if I said "Hey, frack all that HDTV hype - what's
really importand are teletext subtitles!". I guess it will never be
possible to please everybody.

> I'm just wondering can't one major issue be properly finished before 
> hopping to another big issue, HDTV support? It can wait like texting 
> support has been waiting for years for closure. Then texting support 
> would be done and then feel free to do what ever is needed to support 
> demands from HDTV users what ever schedule you decide. :D

There's an important message in what you wrote here: "feel free"!
Yes, I want to feel free to spend my spare time doing things that
primarily interest myself, and on a secondary level are useful for
others. Call me selfish - but that's how it is.


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