Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Yes or No?

Although there have not been too many improvements, a lot of plugins had 
to be updated due to UTF-8 support etc. If you continue with huge things 
like H.264 and TS recording (yes, yes, yes :)), it might even take 
longer getting a new stable base for distributions etc. (although I am 
using 1.4.7 and still satisfied with it).

I fear that waiting for multiproto to get into the kernel might become a 
neverendings story like the unbearable discussion before (including all 
those indignities) about future DVB driver development. Maybe we can 
start a bet when this finally going to happen... ;)
Furthermore, I think, making it stable will just delay the H.264 
development for several weeks (the last steps to the last stable 
releases might have taken a maximum of 6 weeks) while waiting for H.264 
and TS recording will take a lot of months including waiting and 
evaluating supporting hardware (decoder cards, graphic card drivers) and 
software (xine/ffmpeg etc.).

With kind regards


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