Rainer Zocholl wrote:
>> 1.4.7), so having no signal on DVB-S is not un-typical for my system.
> 1.4.3 had the problem to restart vdr in such cases, beraking all
> other recording(*).
> This restart is not very noticable in the recording.

Believe me, I do notice them. And they really only happen if a recording 
is totally stuck for at least one minute.

>> I never had a restart due to EPG scan (at least not directly *), 
> Me too (*) :-)
> I have to disable EPG scan because i have 3 Cards but only a single LNB!
> And, the "Single-LNB-Patch" did still not made its may into the release,
> so if EPG scan starts after an unpredictable time it will try to 
> switch polarization, what fails and leads to "no a signal condition"
> witch is not detected to the EPGscan. So it again and again try to 
> switch to that channel (see log in last mail) instead of skipping it.
> At least the logfile entries gives that impression.

Question is, is that really the cause?

Yesterday, I had my USB DVB-T connected, and forgot about it while a 
recording started on second DVB-S. First DVB-S was used for live TV, 
leaving just the DVB-T without antenna as free device. While 2 hours of 
recording, EPG scan permanently switched between three DVB-T 
transponders without receiving anything at all. No problems.

> IOW: During a VDR restart the "crashed" ARM was not detected
> and the black screeen state not healed.

A DVB reload resets the ARM anyway, so the crash cannot exist across a 

Maybe you suffer from strange tuning issues like me, and the 'blank 
screen' is just failure to tune anything? Have you tried experimenting 
with femon and signal levels?

I have a similar 'blank screen' issue, but for me, the 'cure' is not a 
replay, but to force tuning the second DVB-S card to a channel. (Don't 
ask me why EPG scan on second DVB-S is not enough here.) After that, the 
tuner of the first card mysteriously reappears too.



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