Stefan Wagner wrote:
> Petri Helin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I noticed that Project-X is able to handle only subtitles within subID 
>> 0x20. I have a recording with subtitles with subIDs 0x20 and 0x21 and 
>> demuxing fails with "command 248". If I restrict Project-X to subID 
>> 0x20, I am able to demux that recording too. Unfortunately this means 
>> that the second subtitle stream cannot be demuxed. Is this related to 
>> the TODO Klaus has marked for 0x21 in dvbsubtitle.c?
> can anyone provide dvb.matt from a little
> part of
> recording with 2 or more subtitle streams?
> so we can get a version of projectx thet supports more than one
> dvb-streams.

The current cvs version works with at least two tracks, and according to 
dvb.matt it should support 16 separate tracks. It took only an hour from 
me opening the thread at the DVB technics forum till dvb.matt to add the 
support. Amazingly quick!


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