On Thursday 28 of February 2008, Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> I'm having problems in getting my diseqc motor positioner to work with
> multiproto+h.264 patched vdr 1.5.16. It is at the moment very
> unreliable. Most of the time it just stays stuck into the old position
> so possibly the commands get corrupted.  Is a Technotrend S2-3200
> capable to control a positioner? My old budget-s Tecnotrend was very
> reliable in driving the same positioner.

I've also had such problem. This weekend I've tried to solve which part of sw 
is making this diseqc unreliability - and today I've tested the result once 

My result is that the problem with stucked motor appears with new multiproto 
driver. When I'm using multiproto from 21.12. no problem appears at all.

My configuration is Debian Lenny, vdr-1.5.14 with rotor-0.1.4 
(vdr-1.5.5-rotor.diff and Rotor-0.1.4-vdr1.5.10.diff patches), diseqc in vdr 
enabled (I've motor at 4th input of 4-input diseqc switch). 

BTW - Repeat DiSEqC-Commands must be set to enabled (this seems to be related 
to my diseqc cascade with switch).

Hw is TT S2-3200, AMD Athlon 64 X2 - 5200+.



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