Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 03/09/08 22:09, Kimmo Taskinen wrote:
>> changing pids of channel 8 from 514+514:670=eng:0:2321 to  
>> 514+514:670=eng:3028=sve,3027=fin:2321
>> and info.vdr:
>> C C-0-1-5 YLE FST5
>> E 471 1205093700 3419 4E 10
>> T Jools Holland show
>> S Brittiläistä musiikkiviihdettä. Illan vieraat: Arctic Monkeys, CSS,  
>> Bryan Ferry, Tinariwen, Henri Salvadore, The Hold Steady. Tuotanto:  
>> BBC, 3DD ja Baker Street.
>> X 1 04 fin
>> X 3 11 fin
>> X 3 11 sve
>> X 2 03 eng
> In the PID settings they have the first audio PID set to "sve" and
> the second one to "fin", while in the EPG data it's the other way round.
> In live mode the PID data is used when selecting the audio track,
> while in replay mode the EPG data takes precedence.

s/audio/subtitle/ I guess ;)

Hmm, so you are relying on the ordering of component descriptors in
event info (AFAICS there is no PID or composition page id there). Are
you sure the standard mandates them to be in some specific order?

Didn't find any mention of that with a quick look.

> I just wonder why Petri Helin (see his recent posting in this thread)
> gets correct behavior.

>From what I gather from his post, it seems like he has the subtitle
streams in different order in the PMT. Maybe he is using a different
provider (DVB-C vs. DVB-T or different cable network).

Anssi Hannula

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