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Aihe:   Re: [vdr] Hearing-impaired DVB subtitles
Tekijä: "Klaus Schmidinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Päivämäärä:             7. maaliskuuta 2008 0:39:48

On 03/06/08 06:58, Kimmo Taskinen wrote:
> Klaus,
> I have sample for the problem explained below. Do you want/need it? It  
> is unfortunately 68M and I don't know where to put it.

For starters, can you please just post the info.vdr file of this recording?

C C-0-1-5 YLE FST5
E 196 1204659000 1800 4E 16
T Tuhat järveä ja yksi ankkalammikko
S Osa 9/10. Vaihtoparit. Entä jos kielivähemmistön ja valtaväestön asema 
olisikin nurinkuri
nen ja maassamme olisi kuuden prosentin suomenkielinen kielivähemmistö? Kuka 
olisi silloin
etuoikeutettu ja miten enemmistöas
X 1 04 fin
X 3 11 fin
X 3 11 sve
X 2 03 sve


> On 04 Mar 2008, at 22:21, Kimmo Taskinen wrote:
>> I tested 1.5.17 without any patches and only plugin I used was
>> xineliboutput. I was lucky to get REALLY suitable program for testing
>> from finnish YLE FST channel. There was a talk show where they talked
>> in finnish and swedish. The difference between live mode and replay
>> mode was interesting:
>> Live mode:
>> - talk in finnish: no subtitles
>> - talk in swedish: finnish subtitles
>> Replay mode:
>> case 1 (replay started from a moment there is finnish talk)
>> - talk in finnish: swedish subtiles
>> - talk in swedish:  no subtitles
>> OR
>> case 2 (replay started from a moment there is swedish talk)
>> - talk in swedish:  finnish subtitles
>> - talk in finnish: swedish subtiles
>> - talk in swedish:  no subtiles anymore after finnish dialog, if  
>> replay is started from this dialog there is finnish subtitles

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