Kimmo Taskinen wrote:
> Hi,
> Your patch didn't fix this problem although it changed behaviour.
> Subtitle language selection is now kind of inversed in replay mode. I 
> mean that when I select finnish subtitles (suomi) I'll get swedish ones 
> (during finnish talk and nothing during swedish talk) and the other way 
> around if I select swedish subtitles, I'll get finnish subtitles (during 
> swedish talk and nothing during finnish talk). Well first I suspected 
> that the subtitle language ids were mixed in broadcast but then I tested 
> it with new broadcast. It's info.vdr is here:
> C C-0-1-5 YLE FST5
> E 469 1205088615 3609 4E E
> T Dokumentti: Tangoa, riitoja ja reumasärkyä
> S Hans ja Kerstin ovat olleet 50 vuotta naimisissa. Nyt on ikä alkanut 
> painaa mutta Kerstin on kuitenkin valmis kokeilemaan jotakin uutta joka 
> piristäisi heitä kumpaakin. Toimittaja Jerzy Sladkowski, SVT/Ruot
> X 1 04 fin
> X 3 11 fin
> X 3 11 sve
> X 2 03 sve
> Everything was OK in live mode (I got finnish subtitles as I had 
> selected them) but during replay I got swedish subtitles. If I selected 
> swedish subtitles from DVB setup then I got finnish subtitles during 
> replay but nothing during live mode (it was swedish spoken document).

I just tested with the exact same programme, and for me it works as 
expected: I get Finnish subs both in live TV and during replay.


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