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> clemens kirchgatterer wrote:
>  > structure bin, lib, include, share, ... if i want to compile software
>  > using the libs (and headers) of opt1 i only have to do
>  > "PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt1 make" and to start that program
>  > "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt1 prog". given the Makefile of prog uses
>  > pkg-config properly.
>  And thats so much better than make INCLUDES=/opt1/usr/include?

yes it is, because 1. pkg-config will handle the linker flags as well
(otherwise you will have to give gcc the correct -L/opt1/usr/lib
path), an 2. dealing with pkg-config is the standard way of doing this
kind of things.

>  My point is: There's one version of the libs that is in the default
>  library search path. Shouldn't there also be one header in the default
>  header search path then?

why should the libraries (and their headers) be installed in the
default search path in the first place?

>  Btw. do I need to call /opt1/usr/bin/freetype-config? or will any
>  freetype-config be ok?


thats one of the reasons why pkg-config is prefered. it has a
distinctiv $PKG_CONFIG_PATH and does not depend on $PATH.

geetings ...

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