On 03/08/08 19:12, Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I still believe, though, that freetype2's include files are broken.
>> A simple '#include <freetype2.h>' should be enough. If their header
>> file(s) would behave like the rest, we wouldn't have this discussion.
> no. pkg-config and freetype-config have absolutly nothing to do with
> that. i think nearly every "obtional" library has one of these to
> provide a way to find them at compile and link time. please see the
> output of: ls /usr/bin/*-config

But would it kill anybody to simply have all header files at
a standard place (/usr/include and /usr/local/include)?
Why should every application go on a scavenger hunt to find
all the header files it needs?

Anyway, it's going to be in Make.config, then you can do whatever
you like ;-)


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