Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
>> But would it kill anybody to simply have all header files at
>> a standard place (/usr/include and /usr/local/include)?
> yes it would. how would you install different versions of the same
> libraries (with their headers) if it wasn't in different paths? and
> what about cross compilers? the possibillity of having libs and headers
> in different places is a very important feature, not an anoying bug.

Using different versions of a library or cross-compiling will always 
require manual setup of include paths anyway. How should any magic 
configuration tool know which of the installed headers should be used 

There is _one_ currently installed default version of the headers for 
this machine, and the question is why these headers are not at a default 
location, esp. since the binaries seem to be at a default location, or?

(btw. in case I do have two sets of include files and I need to switch 
between them: Changing an INCLUDE= is pretty obvious, but how do I tell 
pkg-config or freetype-config what I want to compile?)



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