i use dvbcut to cut my recordings. After cutting i can rename the
resulting mpg file to 001.vdr, delete the index file and run genindex
and then i have a perfect cutted recording. This works well for all
recordings that are smaller than 2GB. If the file is > 2GB, i tried to
concat the 001.vdr 002.vdr ... files and use dvbcut to make a new
001.vdr. Unfortunately vdr does not like files > 2GB. But i also canot
use split -b 2097152000 to make new vdr files, because it would not
split at GOP. Or is that not needed?

It would be easier if vdr could handle files > 2GB - and tools like
genindex too. Handling these files for playback would be enough for me.

Or is there another preferred method cutting files? I dont want to use
vdrs cutter because my remote does not really work well and i read that
i can only cut every iframe. dvbcuts sliders are really easy to handle :-)



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