On 16.03.2008 17:55, Florian Gleixner wrote:
> Hi,
> i use dvbcut to cut my recordings. After cutting i can rename the
> resulting mpg file to 001.vdr, delete the index file and run genindex
> and then i have a perfect cutted recording. This works well for all
> recordings that are smaller than 2GB. If the file is > 2GB, i tried to
> concat the 001.vdr 002.vdr ... files and use dvbcut to make a new
> 001.vdr. Unfortunately vdr does not like files > 2GB. But i also canot
> use split -b 2097152000 to make new vdr files, because it would not
> split at GOP. Or is that not needed?
> It would be easier if vdr could handle files > 2GB - and tools like
> genindex too. Handling these files for playback would be enough for me.
> Or is there another preferred method cutting files? I dont want to use
> vdrs cutter because my remote does not really work well and i read that
> i can only cut every iframe. dvbcuts sliders are really easy to handle :-)

The "core" problem is index.vdr

The field for offset into the ???.vdr-file is 32bit i.e. 4GB max. Don't 
remember if it is used signed (which reduces it to effectivly 2GB) or 
for 'good measure', but that's the reason for the 2GB limit per file.

This has been discusses several times in the past and Klaus doesn't want 
to (backward incompatible) change the format of index.vdr.

So for short: Larger than 2GB is a no go.

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