Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> For me personally playbackability with VDR was never a priority.
> I've been using VDR for recording since Oktober 2000, back then i had to 
> write my own cutting scripts, since VDR didn't had the cutting function 
> until later. A few month later i began writing my Master-Timer. VDR has 
> been the "recording slave" ever since. ;-)
> Since 2003 i use vdrsync/tcmplex for the actual cutting (As it 
> demultiplexes and remultiplexes the recording, i.e. it verifies that the 
> recording is good(tm)) to single .mpg-files which i than watch & 
> archive.
> Mostly i playback at my computer, especially since i bought a 1920x1200 
> 24" TFT a few month back, but for TV playback i also have a "Pinnacle 
> Showcenter 200". I only use VDR playback to cut music-videos (or to find 
> the beginning of a song i want to cut out, to be more precise), that's 
> the only playback related feature where VDR excels anything else i have 
> tried.
> Over the years i've recorded more than 13.000 broadcasts, stored on 55 
> HDDs with a total capacity of 20 TB. ;-)

For me playbackability with VDR is really needed. I like dvbcut more 
than vdrsync because with the linear/logarithmic sliders you can really 
easy find start and end of ads or similar.

20TB. That would be more than 5000 single layer DVDs. What a mess. HDs 
are much easier to handle. But i really dont want to have 13000 
recordings! Have fun.


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